How a Private Tour Works..

Guide to how a typical Private Tour will work:


We prepared this guide to give an indication as to what to expect from a typical tour with Inspiring Travel. Please note that before you book, for every one of our Private Guided Tours, whether it is a Tailormade – Customised Tour or one of our popular tours promoted on our website, you will be sent a full provisional itinerary with all the details of your tour on there for you to peruse.

On arrival at the airport you will be met & welcomed to Scotland from there you will be chauffeured to your first hotel. We believe you shouldn’t have to come of a long flight, arrive in an unfamiliar place and have to negotiate getting to your accommodation on your own, this way we take any anxiety out of the situation, letting you enjoy your holiday safe in the knowledge things are being taken care of for you. While on your vacation there will be plenty of day trips and visits to places of interest to keep you busy, we have taken the hassle out of endlessly researching and selected the must do’s along with some hidden gems that you may otherwise not have known of.  However, the real value in your trip is the Driver/Guide we will match to your party who will be your guide chauffeur and companion, taking you beyond the cities to see the real beauty our wee country has to offer, they will be on hand for the day tours to help enlighten you on the myths legends and history as well as take you to sights of scenic beauty while getting you from as well as taking you from place to place, this really will enhance your holiday and make your trip to the most beautiful wee country in the world, unforgettable.

Usually the first and last hotels we will book for you will be in Glasgow and/or Edinburgh, not only because most of flights in and out of the country arrive and depart but also this will give you the chance to see Scotland’s largest city and Scotland’s capital. We tend to find our clients prefer the cities to be self-guided, however the beauty of booking with Inspiring Travel is your entire holiday is custom built for you, so if you require the Driver/Guide for the cities this can also be arranged.   If you prefer self-guided in the cities we will have a list of things you can do or see and more often than not you will have access to the must-see places of interest, like Edinburgh Castle for example, included in the price, this kind of detail will be clearly mentioned on the original Provisional Itinerary information we prepare and send to you before you book or any deposit is taken.

After your desired number of nights in the city your Driver/Guide will meet you at your hotel on the morning of your check out.  You will have previously received details of their name and phone number on the final documentation & in most cases before you depart we will provide you with their email address should you wish to make contact with them. Now your tour of Scotland will begin in earnest.  Your Driver/Guide will be with you usually from 9am – 5pm.  Your Driver/Guide will have previously been matched to your party based on your interests, they have a wealth of knowledge and will be sharing that knowledge with you as they drive you from your pre booked accommodation to accommodation, place to place.  They will also accompany you on the many day trips that have been pre booked for you as per your itinerary, giving you a unique insight to the places you visit and things you see.

At the end of the tour you will be dropped at your final hotel booked by Inspiring Travel, which will tend to be one of the cities, we find our clients usually prefer to be self guided and make the time their own in the cities, upon check out a taxi can be booked with the concierge of the hotel to take you the airport for onward travel.

Why not take some Inspiration from Our Tours you can book one  of the tours directly or use it as a basis on which to build your own unforgettable trip to the friendliest country in the world, Scotland.

Or call one of our friendly consultants to discuss your own trip to Scotland.

As well as learning all about the places and areas you visit, you will be accompanied all the while by your friendly experienced driver/guide who will unlock all history and myths for you and immerse you in the stories of the past and no doubt give you some tales of your own to take home.

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