Inspiring Travel had everything that I envisioned. I think you are doing a great job.

Wendy Pope-Bishop, Tampa

I would highly recommend anyone looking for a high level of friendly customer service, seemingly unlimited personal knowledge of destinations, all wrapped up and made easy for you then Inspiring Travel Scotland is the way to go! Thanks again. 10/10

Paul Evans, Sydney

I cannot thank you enough, we all loved the tour, not just the fantastic scenery, learning about the history and our roots, we felt like we really connected with a country that is close to all our hearts, thank you.

Bradley Stevens, Toronto

The trip you planned has been wonderful, all of the hotels we’ve stayed at and places we’ve visited have exceeded all expectations.

Melissa Lanthier, Leesburg, USA

Thank you very much! We enjoyed the tour and Alexander our guide was incredible at his job. I would like to thank him again. He exceeded all our expectations and created very pleasant and friendly atmosphere.

Veselin Barakov, Sofia