Essential Scotland Tour: Highlands History, Scenery and Culture

Be inspired by the beauty and majesty of the mountains, lochs, hills and glens. The mysteries of past legends and romance of the myths that are born from them will come to life for you with the help of your Driver/Guide. Be moved by the atmosphere and feel a connection to Scotland and its past as you walk in the footsteps of the country’s ancestors while discovering some of the key historic sites, castle’s and battlegrounds from long ago.

7 Day Private Tour
from £2,550 per person

Scotland’s Two Cities & Outlander Tour: Edinburgh, Glasgow and Highlands of Scotland

Enjoy some time in Scotland’s two largest cites, the beautiful capital Edinburgh & cosmopolitan Glasgow, perfect start and end points to your trip through Scotland. We will take you to some of the stately homes, castles and battles sites used as sets and backdrops in the Outlander series, we also take you to visit some of the real locations the sets are based. Not just for fans of the series, this tour will appeal to anyone with an interest in seeing the sights of Scotland as throughout the tour you will connect with and learn about the ‘wee country’ the series is based on, as we take you to places of interest, significance and natural beauty.

9 Day Private Tour
from £2,745 per person

The Outlaw King Tour

This tours theme revolves around Scotland’s greatest King, Robert the Bruce. Not only will this tour enlighten you about an important era in Scotland’s history, you will also be immersed in and connect with Scottish culture and heritage. You will get the chance to see some of the most beautiful parts of the Scottish countryside and landscape, as well as visit backdrops and locations used in the film The Outlaw King. Your experienced and knowledgeable Driver/Guide will be on hand to keep you informed about everything you see, they will drive you to each location and accompany you as you tour various places of interest. On top of all that we use luxury accommodation in all of our tours, from 5-star hotels to heritage properties. On this tour you will even get the chance to stay in a converted Castle.

8 Day Private Tour
from £2,995 per person

Scotland Whisky Trail by Luxury Train & Taste of Edinburgh

Hark back to a bygone era with this Classic Malt Whiskey journey through Scotland in a Luxury steam train with your very own Whiskey Ambassador from The Scotch Malt Whisky Society. There is no finer way to tour Scotland and take in all its natural beauty than from the Luxury of a Classic train, traveling at a sedate pace while being entertained onboard, stopping from time to time to sample some of Scotland’s finest whiskies or take part in some leisurely country pursuits. For the final night return to the capital, to the largest festival of the Arts in the world, the Edinburgh Festival.

7 Day tour
from £5,999 per person

Scottish Outlander Tour

If you are inspired by the romanticism of the books and now famous TV program Outlander & have been left with a desire to see the “wee country” that it is based on, then this is the tour for you. We will take you to some of the stately homes, castles and battles sites used as sets & backdrops for the series, not only that but you will visit some of the real locations from which the books and TV series drew inspiration. We have even arranged a 2-night stay in place of huge historical importance, the HQ of Jacobite leader Bonnie Prince Charlie. As you can tell this tour isn’t just for fans, it is for anyone interested in exploring Scotland as we will take you to places of historical & cultural interest and immense natural beauty.

5 Day Private Tour
from £2,295 per person

Scottish North Coast 500 and Culloden Tour

North Coast 500 – billed as Scotland’s answer to Route 66.  Perhaps a better way of looking at it would be a combination of Route 66 & Route 1- Big Sur highway. Taking in some of the most remote, rugged, beautiful and characterful areas of Scotland, whilst hugging the coastline.  On this 7-day Private Guided Tour you will be driven round this this circular route that loops for nearly 500 miles around the most northerly coastline of Scotland by your own friendly dedicated Driver/Guide, who will be on hand to unlock all the secrets of the area, helping you connect with and immerse yourself in this unforgettable tour of the Northern Highlands.

7 Day Private Tour
from £2,895 per person

Tailormade Customised Tours of Scotland

We can Custom Design a tour to suit you, simply take a few minutes to call us or alternatively fill in the Tailormade form, by simply clicking Tailormade – Customised Tours button at the top of the page or find out more below. Once we have a complete idea of exactly what you want from your holiday we will then get to work creating your own Customised Private Tour to suit your needs. Whatever stage of planning you are at we would love to hear from you to help create & book your dream vacation to Scotland.

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