What we do

What we do..

What kind of tours do you offer?

Inspiring Travel specialise in offering Private Tours of Scotland for just you and your party.  You can book directly on our website or give us a call to talk things through, we would love to hear from you to help you create & book your dream trip to Scotland.

What is a Private tour exactly?

A Private Tour is designed with you in mind. It is called private as it includes just you and your party, no outsiders.  It could be you and your partner/spouse, or a family, or a group of friends or colleagues, essentially it is just you guys and your dedicated Driver/Guide.  The Driver/Guide is there to concentrate on your party only, letting you monopolise all the information and knowledge they have. The beauty of a Private Tour is the flexibility, we will arrange dates to suit you, the tours can depart on any day you like, unlike group tours.  When you are on the tour itself you can extend your time at one place or, if you want to head back to your beautiful accommodation just tell your Driver/Guide, no dancing to anyone else’s tune, this tour is all about you, you are in charge.

What is a Driver/Guide?

A Driver/Guide is there to take you on your tour of Scotland, they are Tour Guide Badge accredited, they are simply the best in the business, combining vast amounts of knowledge with first rate practical guiding skills, guaranteed professionalism and a deep understanding of their beautiful country.

Any other kind of tours?

New for 2024 we will offer Inspiring Group Tours as well as Private Tours. If you don’t see a tour you want to book or you like the look of one but would want to amend it to suit, or you fancy something completely different, then simply call or contact us by clicking on the Tailormade – Customise Tour button and filling in the Tailormade form.  We would love to hear from you to find out about what you want or the kind of things that interest you, we can then custom design your dream trip to Scotland.

Why use a Driver/Guide?

We really believe that your time with Driver/Guide will help you connect with and really immerse yourself in the country and will turn a good holiday into an unforgettable once in a lifetime experience. Quite simply having a Driver/Guide will let you truly connect with & enjoy all Scotland has to offer, hassle free.  No need drive in a foreign country on the wrong side, no anxiety or getting used to the road signs & traffic rules, pay hefty fee for car hire & lose out on the deposit, which can cut into your spending money and then lose out on the exchange rate when the deposit is returned.

Plus, we still haven’t found a car that’s friendly or knows all about Scotland and all the subjects and topics you are interested in.

Isn't that expensive?

We like to give value for money, often the price will be cheaper than larger group tours that take longer and visit places or areas you are not interested in, this way we tailor it to your interests and streamline things making it better value for money. With all our Private Tours, the beauty is the flexibility, any date you want, its a private tour just for you & your party, you are in charge.

Will the Driver/Guide be there the entire time?

Typically, your Driver/Guide will pick you up in the morning after breakfast from the accommodation we have booked for you and after a day of site seeing and travelling they will drop you off in the late afternoon at the next property we have booked for you, and then see you the next morning to repeat the process until the end of the tour.  We know when we travel we like to explore on our own sometimes. Typically, our tours will have a meet and greet at the airport, you will then be whisked off to your lovely hotel in the city, where you will spend some time. It tends to be the time in the cities at the start or end or both that you have free time to enjoy the sights and sounds yourself. We will have prepared some passes for entrance to places of interest and/or added in some tips of what to do and see and maybe recommendations on where to eat and drink, but unless specifically asked for, the time in cities you will not be accompanied by your Driver/Guide.

I am interested in visiting Scotland but want to do something else?

We also specialise in Tailormade –  Custom Designed tours. We would love to hear from you, just contact us on or click the Tailormade – Customised Tours button at the top to fill in some details, it should take less than 2 mins to fill in the Tailormade form. Then we will be in touch to iron out the details and create your own Tailormade unique tour of Scotland.

I am interested in a trip to Scotland but don’t know where to begin?

That is why we are here, we would love to hear from you to plan your trip and book it for you.  Don’t worry, whatever stage of planning you are at we want to hear from you, we can walk you through an itinerary from scratch, if you haven’t prepared a thing or know nothing about Scotland, that’s why we are here, to help you and put together your dream itinerary for Scotland or implement one you have already planned, we are here to help and like to think we are a friendly bunch so please call us for a chat.

What kind of accommodation do you use?

The hotels we use tend to be at the higher end of the scale, mostly 5 star, minimum 4 star, however as we specialise in bespoke tours we can amend to suit any budget. In the cities we see location as being the priority, but we always strive to use hotels and other accommodation that are a little bit different, that have character & style. We try to stay away from business hotels, IBIS & Travelodge etc. Often outwith the cities we will use fantastic heritage style properties, so you can get the chance to stay in a Castle or old Stately home.  You will receive information on the hotels before booking & further details of the hotels (address, phone number etc) when you receive your booking confirmation.

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