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It is a great idea to book a vacation to Scotland early.  Sometimes procrastination can creep in and it is easy just to put it off and do something else. Some tasks can feel like a but too overwhelming ! A once in a lifetime tour of Scotland can definitely fall into that category and that’s why here at Inspiring Travel Scotland we are here to help to put it all together for you.

From the meet and greet at the airport to all the wonderful personalised experiences touring our country we will think of everything for you. Based on a little information from you on your likes and expectations combined with our expertise and experience we will put together your dream vacation. Let’s create a tailormade tour of Scotland 

Reasons to book early!

With our expertise all we need from you is a couple of simple details, like how many people are travelling, rough dates and budget and a few of your general interests and we will come up with your dream tour of Scotland.


If you have seen our reviews, used us before or know about us then you will be expecting the best customer service and fantastic tours. We are not blowing our own trumpet here that is just how we operate. But let’s get back to the original question, why should you book your vacation of Scotland early?


There are plenty of reasons for this. The first and most important of reasons is that tourism in Scotland is booming again. A lot of people have put their plans on hold since 2020. People have retired, saved their money and one thing they want to do is get back to travelling again now that we all can. Everyone has sacrificed enough for the last few years, it’s time to treat ourselves again and get things back to normal. Now, all the people who had put things on hold all want to get to Scotland, now! You can see what this will do to availability. Book early or unfortunately you may miss out.



The earlier you book, the more deals there are to be had, from early bird bookings to discounts on hotels and cheaper deals on flights. The savvy traveller books early to get the best value on their vacation.

Book early for peace of mind that everything is booked and in place, you can then channel your energy elsewhere in the full knowledge that you have a fantastic vacation in the bag. You now have something to look forward to and a box on your busy to do list has been ticked.

Some highlights to book early for


So, with 4-6 months to go before your prospective tour of Scotland then you should be in touch with us here at Inspiring Travel Scotland so we can put your dream vacation together and get things booked for you.

It is easy to let things slide especially in this day and age where there is just not enough hours in day. Sometimes the things that are important for our health and well being can take a back seat as we are just too busy with work. It is important to make time for things that  benefit us and as a little reward for all your hard work.  Booking a vacation and a booking it early should be a priority.


Edinburgh Castle


This way it will give you something to look forward to. Booking an excellent once in a lifetime vacation can also be one of your set yearly goals and one you can achieve early. Just get in touch with us to book your tour of Scotland.

To give you an idea of some of the fantastic places and sites you can take in when you book your vacation in Scotland with us, here a few examples.

Isle of Skye

No trip to Scotland is complete without a visit to the Isle of Skye. Like Scotland in miniature, every corner your turn the more the scenery will impress you. It really is as amazing a place as everyone says it is and is. A must see when you come to Scotland. From fairy glen to the view from the Quiraing, Skye is spectacular.


Glencoe is steeped in history and mythology from Scotland’s past. In recent years it has been used as the backdrop for many a film, such as James Bond and Harry Potter. Its scenic beauty is hard to match also, the hills and glens are sure to make a lasting impression. Not only that it, is teaming with wildlife like roe deer and if you are very lucky it is even possible to catch a glimpse of golden eagles.



The site of the last land battle to be fought in Scotland. Many who have visited the battlefield do feel that the site of the ill-fated Jacobite rebellion against British rule has a very particular atmosphere, especially when visited early in the morning away from the crowds. Not just a site to visit for the history buffs, fans of the hit TV show Outlander are always very keen to come and see the site of the battle that is not only pivotal in the hit TV program but also pivotal in Scotland’s history.


So, there are the reasons why you should book now! The earlier the better, take advantage of early bird deals, tick the boxes on your to do list and make sure you book early enough that things are still available. This year and next are forecast to be a very busy year for tourism in general and particularly so for Scotland, get in touch with us to book a tour of Scotland.

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