Book a Tour of Scotland in January

The wild and fun times of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year are out of the way. We have spent lots of time reconnecting with family and friends, now is the time to think about planning something to look forward to for 2024. Why not book a tour of Scotland!

The month of January can seem a little less enjoyable and fun filled than previous months. Less sunlight, worse weather, Christmas credit card bills to pay, and potentially a little worse for wear from all the festivities.

An excellent remedy to cure the January post-holiday blues is to invest in yourself. You may be thinking of exercise regimes or taking up new hobbies as part of your New Years Resolutions, and all these are great. However the best way to combat the January blues is to book that once in a lifetime tour of Scotland you have been planning for yourself since before retirement, or promising to book for your family.


Ring of Brodgar

Lets create your dream vacation in Scotland

At Inspiring Travel Scotland, we aim to take all the hassle out of designing, creating the booking tour dream tour of Scotland. We have lots of experience in creating once in a lifetime tour of Scotland and know exactly what our customers want. This is testament to the fact that we have only ever received only 5-star reviews. Have a look at these google reviews and you will be certain that you are booking with the right people.

All we need from you are a few bits of information like the number of people travelling, rough dates, and any general interests so that we can get to know what you would like to do. We then put together an itinerary for you and then take things from there. If you have a budget let us know that too and we can work towards it. We find that once our clients receive their personalised bespoke itinerary there may be one or two little tweaks to things and then they book. We are confident you will be impressed with the level of and attention to detail and how we personalise your trip for you.


Reasons to book a tour of Scotland early

There are lots of reasons to get things booked nice and early, not least of which being the savings that can be made by doing so. Often there are sales on with the airlines for flights. Here at Inspiring Travel Scotland we are pleased to announce an early bird special discount offer for people who book their trip by the end of January.

There are also practical reasons to book a tour of Scotland this month. Scotland is a popular destination in the Spring through to the Autumn. The most scenic and beautiful parts of Scotland that people want to see as part of their tours tend no to have huge amounts of hotels, rooms or accommodation. People who tend to leave things until later end up disappointed to find out there is no availability for what they wanted to do.

When should I book a tour of Scotland?

Ideally you should be thinking about booking any trip from April onwards in Scotland right now. Get in touch with us so we can put that dream vacation together for you and get things booked. It is easy to put things on hold as booking such a fantastic trip in an exotic country can seem like a daunting task. However with just a few emails back and forth you we will have your once in a lifetime trip to Scotland all booked and fixed up for you. You can relax in the knowledge that your have a fantastic vacation to look forward to in 2024.

Here are some of the fantastic places you can expect to see as part of your Inspiring Travel Scotland tour:


View of Edinburgh Castle from West Princes Street Gardens
View of Edinburgh Castle from West Princes Street Gardens


A city steeped in history. Scotland’s beautiful capital city Edinburgh is a seamless blend of old and new, with its medieval old town and elegant Georgian new town and the majestic Edinburgh Castle perched between it rising above it all.

A walk down some streets of the old town is to be transported back in time. History seems to be all around, Edinburgh will not disappoint if you are looking for a glimpse back in time to that of old Scotland. A city of high culture and politics, of art and literature, philosophy and Science.

A place of importance for Scotland then and now, Edinburgh Castle is home to the Scottish Crown Jewels & the Stone of Destiny used in the coronation of Scottish Kings and not far from there beneath Edinburgh’s Acropolis sits the Scottish Parliament again, after an absence of some 300 years. There is also an abundance of museums to visit, with the National Museum of Scotland a must see.

Inverlochy Castle
Beautiful Inverlochy Castle near Fort William, Scottish Highlands

The Isle of Skye

Skye is dominated by the shapely and foreboding peaks of the Cuillin ridge, you’ll need experience and sure footing to explore them. At the very least you will certainly want to stop and admire them on your trip around the island, as you will some of the other scenic beauty the island has to offer. Not to mention the castles and ruins that will transport you back in history. However, it isn’t all about the old and ancient in Skye, recently younger settlers on the island have introduced a vibrant arts and crafts scene and revolutionized the food and accommodation. Skye will hold its own against anywhere else in Scotland with several Michelin rated restaurants and luxury hotels.

Not just any Iron Age Fort

This is a more unusual stop off the beaten track that makes a tour of Scotland with Inspiring Travel Scotland so unique. After we have taken you to visit one of our National Parks we may take you to a Fort from the Iron Ages, over 2000 years ago.

This isn’t just any Fort as it has huge historical significance. More recently from 500 AD the site was a royal power centre of Gaelic Kings and possible coronation site that is believed give rise to some of the Mythology in the legend of King Arthur. Take an easy walk to the site where you can tread in the footprints of history, feel a connection with the ancient past as you stand in the actual footprints were ancient Gaelic Kings also planted there feet over 1 and half millennia ago.

So, there you have it, book a tour of Scotland now. By doing so you can take advantage of early bird deals, as well as getting something off your to do list, you will be able to relax knowing that you something to look forward to later in the year. Just like last year this year is forecast to be a busy year for tourism, so beat the rush, get in touch with us to book your dream tour of Scotland.

The Pap of Glencoe Scottish Highlands

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