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Plan the Ultimate Scotland Golf Trip

Scotland is the home of golf, so it’s no surprise that so many people from around the world plan golf trips in Scotland. Our wee country is perfect whether you want to play in some of the most illustrious golf courses in the world – swinging clubs where the greats have played – or you … Continue reading "Plan the Ultimate Scotland Golf Trip" Read Post
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Scotland Whisky Tours and Distilleries

Scotland is world-famous for its whisky. Whether you’re new to the flavours or you’ve been dabbling in all things peat and smoke for years, Scotland’s whisky is a work of art. If you’re coming to Scotland, you’ll have to sample some local favourites and we highly recommend at least one distillery tour to learn more … Continue reading "Scotland Whisky Tours and Distilleries" Read Post
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Outdoor Adventures in Scotland

Scotland is a land that begs to be explored and experienced in all its stunning glory. Outdoor adventures in Scotland range from the sea to the sky and every glen, ben, and loch in between. If you’re keen to get outside and experience the adrenaline rush or simply the serene beauty of this magical land, … Continue reading "Outdoor Adventures in Scotland" Read Post
A piper wearing a kilt in a Mackenzie tartan
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Heritage Travel in Scotland

Heritage travel is a hugely popular trend these days, and it’s actually for a wonderful reason. Many families are opting for multigenerational trips to spend more quality time with each other. And taking the whole family on a trip to a place where you share family heritage is an even more meaningful experience for everyone. … Continue reading "Heritage Travel in Scotland" Read Post
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Travel Through Scottish History

Scotland’s history is filled with epic battles and dramatic tales; the castles dotted across the nation tell the stories of people and moments past that created the Scotland we know and love today. But our history is so multifaceted that you may know centuries’ worth of stories yet you’d still be missing many centuries more. … Continue reading "Travel Through Scottish History" Read Post
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Romantic Holidays in Scotland

Scotland is one of the most romantic destinations you could visit! Don’t believe us? Just take a look at our dramatic scenery and our alluring castles and try not to imagine being whisked away to a different place in time. Scottish holidays can be incredibly romantic. Coorie up next to the fire under a warm … Continue reading "Romantic Holidays in Scotland" Read Post
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Scotland’s Weather and Seasonal Travel

The weather in Scotland is a much-discussed topic! For a rather small country, we boast quite an array of weather conditions and seasonal variations. That’s partly due to our varied topography and our location on the receiving end of the Gulf Stream. But one thing is for certain: If you don’t like the weather in … Continue reading "Scotland’s Weather and Seasonal Travel" Read Post
Edinburgh Castle
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Castles in Scotland

It’s impossible to talk about Scotland without mentioning Scottish castles. From the opulent to the ruined, we have centuries of history with castles in Scotland. Nowadays, most castles are either private homes, public tourist sites, or converted accommodations. Many castles in Scotland have also been used in TV and film over the years, providing atmospheric … Continue reading "Castles in Scotland" Read Post
Glasgow Skyline
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Hotels in Glasgow & Beyond

If you fly in and out of Glasgow International Airport for your Scotland vacation, we like to help you settle into vacation mode by starting your stay in Glasgow. Explore the city itself or unwind at a nearby resort, the choice is yours! Glasgow boasts plenty of fun things to do, from its world-class museums … Continue reading "Hotels in Glasgow & Beyond" Read Post
Neist Point
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Hotels in the Scottish Islands

Scotland has over 700 islands along its varied coastline. While we certainly couldn’t visit them all in a single trip, there are several popular islands where you can explore ancient history, uncover your own heritage, marvel at stunning sea views, and revel in our famed, friendly Scottish hospitality. If you’d like to customise your Scotland … Continue reading "Hotels in the Scottish Islands" Read Post