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Scotland is world-famous for its whisky. Whether you’re new to the flavours or you’ve been dabbling in all things peat and smoke for years, Scotland’s whisky is a work of art. If you’re coming to Scotland, you’ll have to sample some local favourites and we highly recommend at least one distillery tour to learn more about this important national product.

As local experts in all things Scotland travel, we have quite a few recommendations for where to go and how to learn more about the Water of Life. Fancy a tour with us? You can read more about some sample itineraries we offer below, or let’s craft a tailormade tour of Scotland to share all the best sites and stories for your dream trip. We would be honoured to show you the best of our beloved country.

Learn About Scotland’s Whisky

First things first, in Scotland, our whisky is not spelt with an ‘e’ as it is elsewhere. And we savour our whisky in drams, never gulping it in shots. The word whisky comes from the gaelic uisge beatha, which means “water of life” and you’ll see such references throughout your journey in Scotland. 

These days, there are over 120 active distilleries in Scotland that are spread over five regions, each producing their own distinctive type of whisky. The land and the water affect the flavour profiles, just as you’d find with wine and beer. The variety of whisky profiles, therefore, is as limitless as the varied Scottish landscape.

Get started on your whisky journey by learning more before you visit:


Whisky Distillery Tours in Scotland

Touring whisky distilleries in Scotland is a common activity for locals and tourists alike. Learning more about the unique process at a distillery, comparing their efforts to those of neighbouring distilleries as well as those across the country can offer fascinating insights into the art and science of whisky making. 

If you’re keen to learn more, start with this inspiration for Scotland distillery tours to try:


Where should whisky lovers visit in Scotland?

Whilst distillery tours are a wonderful way to learn more about the production process and the history of distilling whisky, there are other places for lovers of the water of life to explore in Scotland. 

Exploring the land that offers the flavours pouring out of whisky helps us to better appreciate the journey that nectar has taken. Traversing the waterways that feed into this process gives us a glimpse into the origins of such a historic industry.

If you enjoy a dram at home, then we highly recommend you get inspired to visit these destinations in Scotland for an even deeper appreciation of whisky:


Whisky Tours in Scotland

Why not dive deeper into whisky and culture when you visit Scotland? At Inspiring Travel, we offer a few itineraries focused around the water of life and how it’s affected Scotland as we know and love it today. Our history and culture are inextricably linked to whisky over the centuries. 

Learn more as you journey across the stunning landscape and sample a variety of delightful drams to better appreciate the history behind each drop. 

Get inspired with these whisky tours in Scotland:

Bruichladdich Distillery

Connect with Scottish Heritage

Whisky is very much a part of Scotland’s great heritage, but it is not alone in its significance. Get inspired to learn more about your own Scottish heritage or to explore the history and culture of this vibrant nation over the millennia:

Bottles of Scottish whisky

We’re always adding more resources to our Be Inspired Scotland Travel Guides, so feel free to bookmark that page and keep coming back to learn more about bonnie Scotland. If you’re ready to plan your dream trip, we’d love nothing more than to help you craft the perfect tailor-made Scottish itinerary.

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