Heritage Travel in Scotland

Heritage travel is a hugely popular trend these days, and it’s actually for a wonderful reason. Many families are opting for multigenerational trips to spend more quality time with each other. And taking the whole family on a trip to a place where you share family heritage is an even more meaningful experience for everyone. Share stories, walk in the footsteps of your ancestors, and all the while enjoy a fantastic holiday together. It’s a dream trip!

If you have family ties to Scotland, heritage travel can be a way of exploring your roots even further. Since we offer tailormade tours of Scotland, we can accommodate any destination or regions that interest you. If you’ve done a bit of research into your family, reach out and let’s start planning a path that can highlight your heritage alongside our favourite places in Scotland that we’re sure you’ll love.

Learn Your Family History in Scotland

Do you have Scottish heritage? Maybe you’ve been told family stories over the years, and now you’re ready to explore more in person. Or maybe you took a DNA test and found out you have Scottish heritage after all! If you have family history in Scotland, then there are plenty of ways you can learn more about your heritage.


There are Scottish records you can peruse to try to find your family over the years. If you have a starting point, of course that’s much more helpful! But there are birth, marriage, and death records over the centuries that could prove to be enlightening. 

While the central records in Edinburgh could be the best place to start, there are also local records held if you happen to know exactly where your ancestors come from. Those records might include land or title deeds, local registrar records and the like.

Not sure if you have Scottish heritage? You could at least have good fun looking up your potential clan history! There are plenty of ways you could do that online or in person here in Scotland, searching your family names to see where your clan may have originated. We’re always happy to help facilitate that during your visit.

For now, take a look at these articles to help you plan a visit with your family:

Follow Your Family Heritage to Scotland

Now: the fun part! Get yourself to Scotland and let’s visit these places together! If you know where your family comes from, let’s visit those cities, towns, and villages. Perhaps you can walk the land where your ancestors lived. Or maybe we’ll find out you have ties to a castle! 

There’s incredible power in finding a connection by blood to a place you’ve never been before. If you’re ready to find it, let’s create a tailormade tour of Scotland catered to you and your family heritage.

These articles might get you started on your Scottish heritage trip:

Other Scotland Heritage Travel Opportunities

Discovering your own heritage might take you to places in Scotland that few tourists visit. But — even if you don’t have Scottish heritage yourself — you can still visit Scotland to explore our heritage. 

Learn about the Picts and Celts and Vikings who have all called this rugged land home. Learn about our food and drink, the way the Water of Life has evolved to represent our culture on an international stage. 

You can visit Scotland to learn about our history, from battlefields to the halls of Scottish Parliament. 

Maybe you’re following in the footsteps of William Wallace after watching Braveheart or Robert the Bruce after watching The Outlaw King. Or maybe you’re smitten with the idea of Highland culture after reading or watching Outlander

Chris Pine as Robert the Bruce in Netflix movie Outlaw King

Whatever has inspired you to take an interest in Scottish heritage, we would be proud to share our history, culture, and all our national pride with you.

Get inspired to learn more about Scotland’s heritage on these carefully-curated tours…

Scottish Heritage Experiences:

These tours of Scotland highlight the history and culture of our bonnie wee country. From the Highlands where clan territories and stories can be uncovered to the remote towns and villages where Gaelic culture and the Viking or Pictish past is still seen. Scotland is a land of many layers!

Come explore Scottish heritage with us:

Scottish Heritage Inspired by Film

If you’ve seen the TV shows and movies set in Scotland, you’ll surely be interested in seeing those scenes in real life! 

Come explore the beauty, the history, and the fascinating tales of past and present in Scotland:

We’re always adding to our Be Inspired resource to help you plan your trip to Scotland. Keep checking back for more and feel free to share with your friends who also feel drawn to our rugged shores!

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