Outdoor Adventures in Scotland

Scotland is a land that begs to be explored and experienced in all its stunning glory. Outdoor adventures in Scotland range from the sea to the sky and every glen, ben, and loch in between. If you’re keen to get outside and experience the adrenaline rush or simply the serene beauty of this magical land, then we have some suggestions for you. As local travel experts, we live in and love this land. We have the pleasure of experiencing its breath-taking scenery and beguiling landscapes every day.

And we also have the honour of showing off this exceptional place to visitors from all over the world. If you’re planning a trip to our shores, let’s create a tailormade tour of Scotland that caters to everything that interests you. Whether it’s whisky or Outlander, highlands or cities…outdoor adventures await for every type of traveller in Scotland.

Best Time to Visit Scotland for Outdoor Adventures

Depending on the types of outdoor adventures you’re looking for, there are different times of year that would best suit your Scottish holiday. Obviously, skiing is for winter. But did you know you could actually play golf year-round in Scotland? Due to the Gulf Stream, we tend to have lots of wet days, but fairly mild winters. The lowlands especially enjoy far less snow, allowing you to hit the greens at any time of year!


If you’re coming to Scotland for hiking or hillwalking, you’ll want to be prepared for anything. Regardless of when you visit, you could get all four seasons in a day…or so we say. 

Waterproofs are highly recommended for all outdoor activities. Sturdy hiking boots will help you traverse everything from craggy hilltops to boggy marshes without much trouble. Umbrellas (or brollies, as we call them) won’t serve you too well in Scotland as the rain likes to fall every which way and the wind will just turn that brolly inside out. You might be alright in the city with a brolly, but for outdoor adventures, best to just leave it behind and be ready to get a little wet.


To get you started with figuring out the best time of year to visit Scotland for outdoor activities, take a look through these pages and articles:

Scotland’s Dramatic Landscapes Beg to Be Explored!

This country is nothing if not incredibly dramatic. Think of places like Glen Coe with its seemingly endlessly changing weather. Clouds roll in to fill the moody skies and just as quickly drift away to display a stunningly vibrant landscape worthy of an impressionist painting.

Or think of the many lochs that fill the Scottish countryside. They can be as still and flat as glass, mirroring the rising landscape on every side. Or they can come alive and make you think — just for a second — that perhaps monsters do lurk beneath the surface!

Whether by land or sea, you can get outdoors and experience all the drama that Scotland has to offer. 

Outdoor Adventures by Land

Experience the stunning vistas and landscapes that make Scotland so dramatic. Prehistoric sites, epic mountainscapes, eerie peatland bogs, harrowing former battlegrounds, and elaborately designed gardens…we have it all. 

loch ba on rannoch moor

Get inspired to take on some outdoor adventures with these articles and pages:

Outdoor Adventures by Sea

Board a boat to search for Nessie or to scan for wildlife like whales, dolphins, or basking sharks! Or hop into a kayak to paddle round the lochs or into a raft to ride the river rapids. 

Dare to be brave…go wild swimming in Scotland! You could head into the lochs any time of year or plan for a special event. Come to Scotland for Hogmanay (that’s New Year’s Eve to most of you) and join the masses at Loony Dook on January 1st as they gallop into the Firth of Forth in fancy dress.

If you need an overview of what all those words mean, you might want to read this guide to Hogmanay and why it’s so special in Scotland.

There are tonnes of water-based activities to do in Scotland, from surfing to kayaking, from fishing to river rafting and more. Whatever you fancy, Scotland’s the place to do it! We’re happy to make recommendations during your customised tour, so just let us know what you’re seeking to do.

Enjoy Scotland’s Outdoors at a Slower Pace

While adventures are always to be had here in Scotland, sometimes it’s nice to take things down a notch and go at a slower pace. If you’d like to spend time outside without much of a challenge, consider less elevation change with woodland walks and pastoral strolls. Enjoying the beauty of the Borders or the autumnal colours of Perthshire will require far less adrenaline whilst still showing off Scotland’s natural beauty and splendour.

And, of course, being able to sit back and let someone else do all the driving allows you to enjoy the views! Scotland’s scenery is stunning and journeying around the country in a private vehicle gives you the chance to stop anytime you see a vista that inspires you. We would love to show you round this bonnie land, with a tailor-made tour of Scotland being the most memorable way to experience it all.

To get you inspired to enjoy the journey, take a look at these articles and pages, including some of our most popular itineraries to see the stunning scenery and dramatic landscapes across the country:

We continue to add more resources to our Be Inspired pages, so be sure to bookmark us and come back for more! When you’re ready to start planning your dream trip, let’s craft the perfect custom Scotland tour for you.

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