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At Inspiring Travel Scotland, we offer package tours of Scotland as well as tailormade Scotland tours. As it’s our responsibility and duty to our customers, we continually monitor the situation regarding the Coronavirus pandemic and are in contact with our key partners and clients.


What is the coronavirus situation in Scotland?

There are currently some restrictions in place in the UK, like the shutting of schools and some public places and we hope this will only be necessary in the short term. We continue to monitor the situation with advice from Visit Scotland and the Scottish Government.


We are here for our customers

Clarity, fairness, flexibility, and peace of mind

Flexibility is one of the keys to the tours we deliver for our clients here at Inspiring Travel Scotland. It is the flexibility, as well as our expertise, that our clients enjoy while on tour with us that are the keys to delivering a tour that surpasses expectations. As such, we feel it is only right that we continue to deliver on that certainty, to surpass expectations and continue to be flexible.


Fairy Glenn in the Isle of Skye
Fairy Glenn in the Isle of Skye is waiting for you when it’s safe to travel


With that in mind, we have taken the proactive steps of contacting clients who are due to be touring Scotland with us in the coming months, to offer clarity and peace of mind. Whilst discussing things with our partners as well as listening to all our clients, we have been happy to extend final payment dates. For those who were due to depart soon, in most cases clients have chosen to take us up on the offer of rebooking their tour to another date.

We have taken the steps of waiving any amendment fees or change fees so that no one misses out on their spectacular tour of Scotland. We have always kept our guests’ satisfaction in the centre of our sights here at Inspiring Travel Scotland, so offering this kind of flexibility was the obvious next step in this difficult global pandemic.


A good sense of direction

We do feel that it is important to deal with this situation as best and as positively as we can. That means dealing with things proactively and to the best of our ability and to make sure we are getting the right outcome for all involved, suppliers, colleagues and clients. As always, we continue to advise that it’s essential that everyone has comprehensive travel insurance in place but we also wanted to give you further peace of mind and remind you that Inspiring Travel Scotland are fully licensed and bonded Tour Operator who have a bond with ABTOT.



Finally, the overwhelming feedback we have received from customers and something we feel very strongly about too, is that we all must have something to look forward to during this difficult time. For us, that means continuing to plan and book private tours of Scotland for you and showing off our incredible country. You can continue to book with the certainty that, should things continue longer that expected, we will rearrange your tour dates for you, so that you do not miss out.

If you have any concerns or questions or just need to get in touch for any reason, just click here for our contact details.

We look forward to seeing you soon.


The saltire, Scotland's national flag - St Andrew's day

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