One Thing is Certain: Scotland is Exceptional!

A lot has changed very quickly in the last few weeks and at this current time, it is only natural to have feelings of uncertainty. Things will change again, and things will improve. It’s important to acknowledge, however, that one thing remains a constant and a certainty: Scotland is exceptional.

If you need any proof, look at this short film from our friend John Duncan. For those of us stuck indoors, take a moment to watch the video and picture yourself discovering Scotland with us. Be Inspired!

The Future is Still Bright for Tourism in Scotland

Here at Inspiring Travel, we continue to look forward to better days, so any tours booked already and all bookings going forward, will benefit from free-of-charge date changes and amendments.  As well as bookings for later this year we are already seeing people looking forward to visiting Scotland and touring with us next year, taking advantage of the early-bird discounts on offer for tours in 2021. Take a look at our packaged Scotland tours and our customised Scotland tours to start planning your trip of a lifetime.  In this current climate it is important to have something to look forward.

Remember, you choose any date you like and we will build your dream tour around your dates. We are the Scotland experts, so we know what our clients like, we also add in hidden gems and can accommodate any special requests you might have, like arranging private access to places or sites. We do the hard work of the planning and booking of your dream tour and present your with package in a detailed document that you can then book. Just get in touch via the toll free numbers on our contact page or by emailing us at [email protected] or click on this link and fill in our handy enquiry form; it will take less than 1 minute to fill in, be as vague or as detailed as you like.

Rescheduling with us is Completely Free

Fireworks marking the end of last year’s Edinburgh Festival

We look to the future with a positive attitude, while also currently proactively helping clients who were due to arrive in our beautiful country soon. We are rescheduling our clients free of charge for a future date that suits them. We see this as a basic courtesy to extend to all of our customers who we value dearly, it’s our a way of saying thank you for booking with us and keeping your faith in us. It seems like a very unfair and cynical act to charge people to reschedule their vacations at this difficult time.

We aren’t a huge company and we really do value our clients dearly and we know from your feedback the feeling is mutual. For those of you who choose Inspiring Travel Scotland to deliver your once in a lifetime Private Tour of Scotland, to us you are not just another number. You are our priority, we cannot wait to show you around our beautiful country and immerse you in our history & culture.

Be Inspired, let us show you everything Scotland has to offer!

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