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Get Inspired: Tour Glasgow – Scotland’s biggest city

Glasgow is Scotland’s biggest city, as such it is a rich source of history and culture, steeped in the industrial and mercantile heritage of Scotland. If Edinburgh is Scotland’s brain – its seat of political power – Glasgow is Scotland’s legs and its stomach – powering the country for centuries with industry and trade. Glasgow is an architecture buff’s dream location – especially in the city’s Merchant City district. Glasgow is also the foodie capital of Scotland, offering plenty of delectable dishes and restaurants that allow visitors to get a real taste for Scotland.

There are so many things to do in Glasgow, so we hope this guide will help you narrow down your bucket list. We also hope that this guide we have created will inspire you to book a tour with Inspiring Travel Scotland, perhaps book one of our Bespoke Scotland Tours. Then again, if you are using this guide simply for information, all we ask is that you please share this page with friends and family and on social media.

Street Art

Looking for the best things to do in Glasgow? We love Scotland’s largest city and how it contrasts with this romantic, historical image of Scotland with today’s modern, diverse Scotland. Glasgow’s industrial foundation is still very much a part of the city, from its architecture to its famously welcoming people. If you can keep up with the accent, you’ll quickly make friends in Glasgow no matter where you go!

Glasgow street art

From fine dining to stunning galleries and museums, Glasgow offers a feast for the senses. Live music is plentiful and the arts are honored from street art to world-famous locals like Charles Rennie Macintosh. Explore this vibrant city to understand today’s modern Scotland and the diversity that is so welcomed here.

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We have so much more we plan to share about the wonderful city of Glasgow! For now, here are a few articles to get you started with your travel planning:

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