Things to do in Edinburgh

Get Inspired: Tour Edinburgh – Scotland’s stunning capital city

Edinburgh is Scotland’s capital city, and it is often referred to as the Athens of the North, as its stunning castle stands atop a rocky hill overlooking the city. If you’re planning a trip to Scotland and you need a little inspiration, then Edinburgh is a must-see. With its castle, its grand old architecture, its rich history and culture, and its huge international festivals, there are perhaps a few too many things to do in Edinburgh. That’s where Inspiring Travel Scotland comes in…

We have local knowledge and connections, so we can recommend the best things to see and do in Edinburgh. We hope that this will inspire some readers who use this resource to book with us and come on one of our once-in-a-lifetime customised tours of Scotland, but we know that others will simply use it to plan their own self-drive trip. That’s totally fine, but we ask that you please recommend this resource to others if you find it useful.

Looking for the best things to do in Edinburgh? The capital city is filled with charm and history, so you could very easily spend your whole visit meandering the streets and marveling at the architecture and the views. But if you’re looking for some of our favourite things to do while visiting Edinburgh, we have a number of recommendations!

Advice for Visiting Edinburgh

Visiting Edinburgh for the first time? Here are some of the most common questions folks have about when they should come and what to do. We’re always happy to help you plan your dream vacation to Edinburgh, so feel free to reach out any time if you have questions.

Travel Tips Outside of Edinburgh

Heading out of the city to explore more of bonnie Scotland? We have some inspiration for that, too! We offer plenty of Scotland tours for you to choose from, or you can craft your own ideal itinerary with our tailor-made custom tour option. For early planning purposes, we also have these tips for you:

Forth Road Bridge

Are you ready to explore Edinburgh and the best of the rest of Scotland? Create your own custom tour of Scotland to maximise your time in our wee country. We love to show off our stunning scenery and to dive into the many layers of history as we whisk you away on a dream vacation in Scotland. Contact us any time if you have any questions about your visit.

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